A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease in the Hemophilia Population

Suman L Sood, Dunlei Cheng, Margaret Ragni, Craig M Kessler, Doris Quon, Amy D Shapiro, Nigel S Key, Marilyn J Manco-Johnson, Adam Cuker, Christine Kempton, Tzu-Fei Wang, M Elaine Eyster, Philip Kuriakose, Annette Von Drygalski, Joan Cox Gill, Allison Wheeler, Peter A Kouides, Miguel A Escobar, Cindy Leissinger, Sarah Galdzicka, Marshall Corson, Crystal Watson, Barbara A Konkle
American Society of Hematology 56th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA
December 6-9, 2014
Hemophilia, Cardiology

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